We Are Your E-Learning Source For Growth And Achievement

Learn. Grow. Transcend. 


Our mission is to provide learners easy access to affordable high-quality e-courses that enable them to acquire new knowledge, develop valuable skills, and achieve their goals. We are committed to delivering engaging and accessible online learning experiences that inspire growth, foster creativity, and create positive learning outcomes. 

With a focus on excellence and learner-centricity, we strive to be a globally recognized trusted source of e-learning empowering learners to thrive in a dynamic and evolving world. 

Who We Are

Whether it's corporate training, professional, personal, or spiritual development, we are your e-learning source for growth and achievement

At JD Leaders Resource, LLC, we create engaging learning experiences to suit your unique needs.


We are committed to continuous learning.

We are committed to leveraging technology and instructional design expertise to create dynamic and interactive eLearning courses that go beyond transferring information. 

We are committed to creating engaging and immersive learning experiences that drive knowledge retention and skill acquisition.  

 We are committed to our PEACE component.


We operate with respect, integrity, honesty, and trustworthiness. 

We believe in fairness, accountability, humility, and empowerment.